Aromatherapy is a powerful, relaxing, therapeutic treatment which encourages the whole body to heal, maintain & balance itself.  Using specifically chosen essential oils, extracted from plants, to address your bespoke health & wellbeing needs, light active & passive massage techniques help the oil molecules enter your bloodstream, whilst stimulating the lymphatic system to help rid toxins & the peripheral nervous system to send signals around your body to bring about balance.

At Chalet Holistics, we provide a full, thorough consultation at the start of each treatment to ensure selection of the right blend of oils for you, tailoring to your individual needs at that time.  We also offer specialist aftercare advice – self-treatment is advised to support your healing journey at home, including taking the remainder of your blend with you to use between treatments as well as advice on safely using essential oils at home.

This treatment is available as either a luxurious hour and a half full body treatment, which includes a mini facial cleanse, tone & moisturise, or an hour back of body treatment including the back & back of legs.


Aromatherapy can encourage your body to heal itself to bring about general wellbeing and balance, but it may be really useful if you suffer hormonal imbalance, insomnia, headaches, poor immunity, digestive & appetite issues, detoxification, muscular aches or pains & it can help with many other needs as well as relaxation, de-stressing & uplifting spirits.

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