Are you ‘out-of-sorts’, feeling as if you have low energy and vitality?  Perhaps you’ve had some kind of health imbalance which just came on really quickly?  Or, are you suffering from repeated, long-term illness that just won’t go away?  Maybe it is something more emotional or mental that is impacting your overall feeling of wellbeing?

Whatever your story is, homeopathy is a system of natural medicine used to try and treat both acute, short-term, and longer-term, chronic conditions.  It works based on a principle (from Hahnemann’s medical law) that ‘like cures like;’ essentially, that something taken in small amounts could help ease the same symptoms it causes.  It is a safe and natural therapy that focuses on treating the ‘whole’ picture: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are taken into account in treating dis-ease and imbalances in the body.  It can be used to try and treat any symptom, from a sudden cold or flu, headaches, digestive, respiratory, reproductive or muscular issues, to issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, grief – any kind of health issue or imbalance.

A homeopathic treatment involves a consultation to select the most appropriate homeopathic remedy based on your specific, individual symptoms and personal health history.  Following this, remedies are provided to take at home, in order to stimulate the body into healing itself.  Rarely causing side-effects, the homeopathic approach is safe for people of all ages, including for use with children and during pregnancy.

To understand more, read our answers to common questions in our ‘What is Homeopathy?’ article HERE.

There are several ways homeopathy can help:

  1. For sudden, acute symptoms that appear rapidly – such as coughs, colds, sore throats, stomach bugs, toothache, burns, stings, etc – we offer a telephone consultation to prescribe therapeutic remedies to help immediately.
  2. For longer-term, ongoing or recurring imbalances – anything from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms, to IBS or anxiety – we require an in-depth consultation to enable us to find the closest remedy prescription which will work best on the whole person, for your individual circumstances at the time.




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Nicole is an innovative homeopath having undertaken a 2 year intensive immersion course at the leading Centre for Homeopathic Education in Central London, under the guidance of top, experienced world-renowned homeopaths.  

Homeopathic clinical appointments include a consultation, making and sending of the remedies, along with interim telephone support for anything that might crop up between regular appointments.  Nicole recommends patients get a Homeopathic First Aid kit to support their treatment programme.

***Appointments available in areas surrounding Solihull, Warwickshire, and London (Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden and The Yard, Kensal Rise) – or via Skype or Telephone***

Call 07792 324 085 – or email – to discuss further.

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