Here at Chalet Holistics, we work with a ‘holistic’ approach to treatment, which means that the ‘whole’ is considered – mind, body and spirit – as one.  Whilst we don’t replace conventional medical treatment, holistic therapy can be used to support such methods, considering mental and emotional effects that people may have as a result of physical issues.  For example, if someone has stress-related eczema, the holistic approach would be to treat external inflammation using natural and organic products, and use holistic techniques to sooth inner stress, regaining equilibrium in the whole body.

We offer a wide range of treatments to help bring the body back to balance, and many more are in development so keep checking back for more!  We also offer wellbeing training and workshops, as well as retreats!

Please do contact Nicole to book an appointment or find out more – 07792 324 085.

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