Wellbeing Yoga

Whether you’re new to yoga or you’ve loved it for years, we offer Yoga One-to-Ones to help you learn more about it and how you can integrate your practice into home life.

Having travelled the world to learn her skills, from Bali to Thailand, Nicole is a specialist in the practice, and can help you with various yoga techniques – anything from breathwork, meditation for relaxation, or physical alignment right through to yoga philosophy and how to live a yogic lifestyle.

Nicole’s yoga sessions are particularly special because she creates a ‘holistic fusion’ of yoga with her various, special complementary therapies, integrating things like essential oils and relevant reflexology points, or even reiki into her sessions.  We like to call this ‘Holistic Fusion Wellbeing Yoga!’

A Yoga session involves a relaxing hour-long, tailored yoga practice – either in your home, outdoors (even the park can be lovely), or in one of our Clinic spaces – where we focus on a little meditation, breathing and some flowing postural yoga movement to really help free up the mind, body and spirit, creating space where there may once have been tension and/or over-thinking.




Nicole also hopes to be introducing group ‘Wellbeing Fusion Yoga’ classes to Warwickshire in the future, trying to integrate our holistic therapies with yoga asana practice along with relaxing meditation and breathing techniques.  We’re currently working on it, so keep your eyes peeled..

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