What exactly IS Homeopathy?

What exactly IS Homeopathy?

Are you feeling ill – either with an immediate acute problem, like a cold or flu, or something more longer-term and chronic – or just generally feeling out of balance?  Read Nicole’s discussion  of Homeopathy to understand more about how this safe and natural holistic form of medicine might be able to help you…

Many of you know that I love Holistic Therapies; I see lots of you for Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki or Meditation and Sound Therapy!  If it’s unusual, I’m usually there!  Such therapies are wonderful, and often transformational once people start to realise the connection between the mind, body and spirit and how health and wellbeing works on many different levels.  There’s one therapy you may not know much about though, and that is Homeopathy.  So let me tell you about my journey….

I developed my passion for Homeopathy when I became ill for the second time with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about 5 years ago.  I actually had Chronic Fatigue when I was 10 years old; the only thing that made me feel better then, totally restoring my vitality, was Homeopathy.  So, when I got ill again 15 years later, after pushing myself way too hard, I thought “I know, let’s try that again” – only this time, I made a silent promise that if it worked, I would have to train in it!  Needless to say, here I am…

Going from suffering a debilitating illness where I couldn’t get out of bed until at least 3pm, I am now working in my own Holistic Therapy Clinic, Chalet Holistics, in Warwickshire, as well as 2 days a week in London.  Without Homeopathy I would not be in this position; it was the biggest influencer – so, obviously, I am passionately sharing it about!

What is it and how does it work?

Homeopathy is a safe and natural, holistic form of medicine that is used worldwide to try and treat any immediate acute and longer-term chronic illnesses or dis-ease in the body.  Founded over 200 years ago by a German doctor, it is based on a philosophy of the ‘law of similars’ – the idea that ‘like’ can ‘cure like,’ with an aim of creating rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health.  A good analogy for how this law works is seen with the onion: if you peel an onion, your eyes burn, itch and water, and you may get a runny nose – if you have similar effects during a common cold or allergy, then a dose of Allium Cepa (‘Onion’) could help your body heal itself – ‘like’ curing ‘like’.

The onion analogy goes further in that we all have different layers that get impacted, as we journey through life, by trauma, injury and illness which create imbalance, or ‘dis-ease’ (lack-of-ease) – particularly if suppressed.  Homeopathy can help peel each of our layers back, returning us to our core (original) health.  Homeopathy aims to lift each imbalance (often, but not always, the deepest layer first), addressing the whole person – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual imbalances – to trigger the patient’s own natural ability to restore health.  Remedies are provided based on individual expression of health and vitality, to try and trigger a person’s own healing mechanism.

Where do the Homeopathic medicines come from and are they safe?

Homeopathic remedies are often known by their Latin names, and are made from a variety of naturally occurring substances such as plants, minerals and animal products!  Natrum Muriaticum, for example, is made from salt.   These substances are highly diluted and put into sugar pills or oral liquids for you to take.  The medicines are perfectly safe for anyone – babies, children, pregnant ladies, or the elderly.  They are non-toxic, non-addictive and, because Homeopathy is a ‘complementary’ medicine, they can be taken alongside GP prescribed medications without interfering with their action.

 What happens in a Homeopathic consultation?

The Homeopathic consultation is a detailed one-hour discussion about your health, where we try to identify which remedy is the closest match to your symptoms.   Following this, we analyse your case and provide you with remedies and guidelines on how to take them.  We will then review your case at a follow-up appointment in approximately one month.

Chalet Holistics is currently offering a Student Clinic – which is supervised by very experienced, leading London Homeopaths – for much reduced fee of just £35 (worth £65), which is a donation towards supervision and remedy costs.  We can use Homeopathy to help you with anything – physical or emotional – from something that suddenly appears (sore throats, colds, coughs) to more chronic, longer-term illness – or just general wellbeing.  In my opinion, it is a real opportunity to have your case assessed under this supervision because we are working in alignment with some of the best Homeopaths in the world – we are VERY excited about this!

If you would like to know more – or to book – please call Nicole on 07792 324 085 – or email nicole@chaletholistics.co.uk.

We look forward to trying to help you with your health and wellbeing soon,


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