Wonderful Consultancy Testimonial

Wonderful Consultancy Testimonial

One of our Branding Consultancy clients emailed us a lovely review this week, after we had worked on her branding a little while ago!  It really made us smile, so we thought we’d have a little shout about it!

“Nicole is very perceptive. She was able to draw out of me everything I knew and felt about my brand – down to the colours that communicate my message – but had not been able to articulate. At the end of our work day I had a complete foundational blue print, with all the necessary pieces, to build my marketing strategy and implement it on an ongoing basis. As I produce new material, all I have to do is go back to my blueprint to make sure that all of my messages are aligned and consistent.”

~YF, London

Thank you so much YF from London for a lovely testimonial; it was so lovely working with you to help develop your brand!  We wish you all the success for the future.

Did you know we offer Consultancy Services for brand and marketing support?  We offer marketing and brand support, nationwide, including journalistic copywriting, Guest Blogging, training workshops, demos and presentations, exhibition attendance, general marketing support, and product or brand development!  See our Consultancy Page Here.  Here are some of the journalism projects we have worked on including Base Formula, Petits Rituels, Holistic Therapist Magazine and Yoga Magazine:



Thanks again for the lovely testimonial, YF – we love to hear feedback on our services!



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