Yoga Lessons…  Try our One-to-Ones – anywhere!

Yoga Lessons… Try our One-to-Ones – anywhere!

We recently went to Thailand to experience more yoga and meditation – and what a lovely journey it was!  You can read about it on our new Wellbeing Writer blog: click the picture below!



Nestled in the jungle, yet still overlooking the sea, we learned many lessons which we are excited to pass on to you in our yoga offerings.

Fancy trying some yoga?  We offer Wellbeing Yoga One-to-Ones – Nicole’s yoga is particularly different as she combines various yoga techniques – breathwork, meditation and physical alignment – with various complementary therapies, integrating things like essential oils and relevant reflexology points, or even reiki into her sessions.  We like to call this ‘Holistic Fusion Wellbeing Yoga!’

Why not book a session in any of our locations – either Warwickshire, Solihull in the Midlands, or London?  A Yoga session involves a relaxing hour-long, tailored yoga practice – either in your home, outdoors (weather permitting – even the park can be lovely), or in one of our Clinic spaces – the choice is endless!  Call 07792 324 085.

We hope to see you soon for a beautiful practice together.




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